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Wastelocker mines treasure from trash

Waste in municipal and household bins has a lot of valuable data waiting to be extracted from it.
Issues such as contamination leads to needless landfilling and incineration, waste management companies driving half-empty pickup runs and governments not having any verifiable data about the sector are all issues WasteLocker is addressing.

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Data collection

We collect data from trash containers with a smart camera module that fits any container. By taking photos of waste deposited into the bin and using sensors to enhance the photo data we build a detailed data set.


The gathered data is used as input for our AI driven human-in-the-loop software solution. The information is aggregated and statistics can be provided about the fill level, contents and other parameters.


Statistics and analysis from the AI based solution is the core of our business. The We can tailor the information to the client’s needs and present a waste quality audit to help you to take an educated decision and optimise processes or educate people.

Decisions – both policy and business – are meaningless without trustworthy data



The current data in the waste management sector relies on arithmetics, reported figures, and ad-hoc checks. The data we collect is specific, accurate and verifiable. It can be used to improve the real conduct of all parties accountable.


Input turns into output, right? Sure, but do you realise that your main service or product is just a part of the story? We will help you see the value of your entire operations. Information about valuable secondary raw materials, contaminants, fill level, location and waste type can be used to increase efficiency and demonstrate the sustainability of your business.


Waste management companies charge for empty runs on bins that are contaminated or not full. To ensure you have an overview of the trash you generate will help your relationship with the waste management provider and educate people about sorting correctly, so that waste gets a second chance for nature.




Mark Skljarov

Chief Executive Officer

Mark works as a project manager and is studying Structural Engineering and Construction Management at TalTech. He’s a fan of improving processes and coordinates our project and our team.

Kristjan Variksoo

Chief Technology Officer

Kristjan works as an IT developer and specialist and is studying Informatics at TalTech. He innovates our technical and virtual assets.

Hannes Härm

Chief Operating Officer

Hannes works as a programmer and systems developer. He is a student of Information Technology Systems Development at TalTech and he’s great at setting order into stuff.

Karlis Goldstein

Chief Communications Officer

Karlis is a policy advisor at the European Commission and has publicity, public policy and diplomacy degrees from Estonia and France. He navigates marketing, law and policy on our team.

Jan Erik Praks

Chief Design Officer

Jan Erik works as a product manager in the manufacturing industry and is a Materials Technology student at TalTech. He develops our industrial design and builds the identity of our team.

Where trash and transparency meet – make a difference!

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